Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back in hospital...

So after many months of relative wellness, here again I find myself in hospital. I spent a week at the Civic before being transferred to the Royal. I find comfort in the familiarity of my surroundings and of the staff at the Royal.

I don’t know exactly how I slipped or what went wrong…looking back, I believe I had a hypomanic episode and then just crashed to the bottom. It’s frustrating to find myself back here because I was so sure that I was doing everything right: my diet, exercise and medication regimen remained stable throughout the time before I landed in hospital.


melba1 said...

Hi Rachel

Please do not beat yourself up for this set back. All of the progress you made when you were feeling well can return.

Take gentle care and keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will feel well again soon Rachel. You really are an inspiration.
My son has the same illness and your messages are an inspiration.
I will pray for you to feel well again soon. Keep Strong.

Hannah said...

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melba1 said...

Hi Rachel

Just wondering how you are doing.


aker said...

Hi Rachel,

Just want to say hello & let you know you are being thought of.
Hope you feel better soon..
Thanks for your blogs & openness, as I have a son with the same illness and you have helped me.


aker said...

How are you Rachel? I hope feeling better.
Thinking of You,


Rachel said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the good wishes!!! I think I'm starting to feel better though it's hard to tell. I have one "up" day and then a couple of "down" days so I don't know...

I've just started clozapine this week. Does anyone have any experience with that? I'm a little scared of the side effects. I've already experienced some weight gain because of other drugs and i'm not looking forward to any MORE!!!

Please give me an update - how are you doing?? You're all in my thoughts too. Hopefully I'll be writing again soon. I'm just too overwhelmed at the moment.

Rachel <3

Pixiesmith said...

Hi Rachel.

How happy I was to see you were feeling well enough to post an update.

You and you family are in my thoughts daily.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Just decided to visit your blog as a way of keeping in touch and seeing how you are doing. I remain very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
Hope you continue to improve .
Thinking about you & just want to say that my son just completed his thesis after being diagnoised with Bipolar 1 a year ago.
He has had a difficult time but
reached his goal to complete it.

Take Care , Annadeane

rachel said...

Hi Annadeane,

Wow - I hope he's proud of himself!!


N. R. said...

Hi Rachel,

How are you? I hope that things are going well. Thumbs up for your courage to talk openly about the illness. I could relate to what you said about struggling to decide whether to blog about your experience because of the concerns you had but you were able to overcome that. That is something to be very proud of. I believe that it take the 1 in 5 to start speaking so that the stigma starts to disappear. I'm grateful for every person who gets to the point where they are able to do that. Keep going!

N.R. said...


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