Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rachel's Story - Taking Meds

It's summertime and my schedule is a little more laid back. That being said, I'm finding it hard to keep to a strict routine when it comes to taking my meds (especially my morning ones). I sleep in some mornings and then I take them a little later or forget altogether! Before, when people have expressed having difficulty taking meds, I have never been able to relate, but now I definitely can. I've tried leaving them right out on the counter where I can see them first thing in the morning and I've tried setting a watch alarm (which I have proceeded to sleep through!).

Then, I also have the problem where even if I think I've taken them in the morning, I'm not absolutely sure and wonder if I should take them again later on. I guess I need one of those pill boxes with the times of day written on it.

In the winter, when I was first discharged from the hospital, I was really vigilant and never ran into these problems. My schedule was a little more consistent then and the meds were easier to keep track of. Does anyone else have issues like this, other issues related to meds or solutions to these issues?