Friday, November 13, 2009

Rachel's Story - Brunch & Learn Nov. 29th

On Sunday November 29th I will be guest speaking at a Brunch & Learn about Bipolar Disorder. It begins at 9:30am and is at Agudath Israel Synagogue (1400 Coldrey Ave., Ottawa). I would love to see you there!

Here is the blurb about the talk:

Bipolar Disorder; When is a mood swing a problem?

We all have bad days, good days and, every once in a while, great days. Our moods come and go, like clouds in the wind. So when is it a problem? It’s a problem when our mood swings affect our ability to function, when they wreck our relationships, get us in trouble at work, and make it hard for us to focus in school. It’s a problem when we lose perspective and we lose our judgement, maybe do things that are very out of character, and sometimes suffer serious consequences as a result. In Bipolar Disorder, the “highs” (mania) are more than feeling great, and the “lows” (depression) are more than the blues. The symptoms that are part of this disorder can cause us (or others) terrible distress.

In their presentation, our speakers will try to shed light on Bipolar Disorder, what it is, what it feels like, and some psychological adjunct treatment approaches. Rachel Scott-Mignon is 27 years old and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in the fall of 2006. She has an Honours Degree in Theatre and Communication from the University of Ottawa. Rachel is a spokesperson for the Royal Ottawa's Foundation for Mental Health and writes a blog about living with a mental illness at Dr. Connie Dalton is one of the co-founders o f the Ottawa Institute for CBT. She is a clinical psychologist specializes in the treatment of Depression and Bipolar Disorder and supervises psychiatry residents in cognitive behavioural therapy. Dr. Irit Sterner is a clinical psychologist, affiliated with the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, and as a Clinical Professor at the University of Ottawa. She is currently working in the Mood Disorders Program, where she provides specialized assessments and treatments in individual and group CBT for mood disorders and supervises doctoral students in psychology.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Rachel...great work spreading the news.

Melba11 said...

Hi Rachel:

I don't think that I will be able to make your talk on Sunday but wish you good luck.

You are very brave for talking so openly about your condition.


rachel said...

thank you anonymous and Melba!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the information.
What is the fee to attend the Brunch & Learn about Bipolar Disorder?